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Graduate Student Life at UC Merced


The mission of Graduate Student Services (GSS) is to provide coordinated services, events, information and support to enhance and enrich the educational experience of UC Merced graduate students. GSS aims to provide intellectual and social assistance to graduate students through a collaborative campus-wide effort, with the goal of helping students achieve a successful work-life balance, develop professional and personal leadership skills, overcome barriers, and build connections to campus resources, fellow graduate students, faculty and staff.

Create your own website.  Upload your CV, biography, publications, blogs, announcements, class materials, image galleries or links to create your own UC Merced website. 

Join the Gradlife Forum. The Gradlife forum, a graduate student-only forum, is an interactive bulletin board where students may find resources about UC Merced, find housing options, roommates, share tips, ask questions of one another and help fellow students solve problems. 

GradHacker is a collaborative blog and bootcamp program that spans universities and programs. It is written by graduate students from a variety of universities, departments, and stages in their careers and for the entire range of graduate and professional students.


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The staff at Graduate Student Services is here to serve you. 

If you have any questions please contact us at or at 209.228.4621