2012-2013 GSA Leadership Series

GSA Officer Transition Meeting   

Date: 6/27/12

Time: 9am – 4pm

Location: Hooper House

Incoming and continuing Graduate Student Association officers are invited to attend a GSA Transition Meeting. This is an all-day orientation that allows the outgoing GSA officers to help the incoming officers transition into their new positions. Campus leaders are invited to attend, the outgoing GSA officers give brief presentations, and any important questions or concerns are answered.

Ice Cream & Coffee Social/Committee Rally     

Date: 9/6/12

Time: 2 - 4pm

Location: Garden Dining Room 

Looking to get involved but not sure where to start? Have a question for GSA? Really like iced coffee, ice cream and snacks? This event is for you! Come meet your current GSA officers, kick off the new semester, and learn how to get involved on campus, all while enjoying some iced treats and snacks!

Most committees on campus have a graduate student representative. Filling these positions is essential to having the grad student voice heard across campus. Committees range across all kinds of topics, from dining to parking to space planning. Commitments range from minimal (once a semester) to more intensive (twice a month). Committees can be a great experience (and a CV line!). 

Committee Training

Date: 10/05/12

Time: 3 – 5pm

Location: SAAC Building

Graduate students that volunteered and signed-up to participate as representation for the graduate student community for an on-campus committee were invited to attend a training session during the fall semester. Current Graduate Student Association (GSA) members, select past committee members and Vice-Chancellor Jane Lawrence discussed the importance of committee work, the purpose, and what is expected, in addition to other important information.

GSA Open Meeting

Date: 4/3/13

Time: 5 - 8pm

Location: DeAngelo’s Restaurant

Join the Graduate Student Association (GSA) for an open meeting from 5pm - 6pm to learn more about the GSA, their duties and their contributions to campus, followed by a dinner of pizza, pasta and salads from 6pm - 8pm.

GSA Committee Recognition Lunch

Date: 4/9/13

Time: 11:30am – 1pm

Location: Garden Dining Room 

Join the officers of the Graduate Student Association for a lunch to thank all of the committee representatives for their hard work and dedication to the campus community over the last academic year. This is an opportunity to discuss improvements for selection, share stories, and enjoy the company of some of your fellow graduate students.

GSA Elections          

Date: 4/15/13

Time: 11am – 2pm

Location: Bobcat Lair (KL169)

Join the Graduate Student Association for the GSA elections and a free lunch! Voting booths will be available in the Bobcat Lair, and each graduate student that votes will receive a free lunch catered by Bella Luna. Open to the first 125 people.

Sponsored by the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and Graduate Student Services (GSS).