Council for Graduate Student Affairs

Council for Graduate Student Affairs

The Council for Graduate Student Affairs is a team of administrators working toward improving the student experience, academic success and retention of UC Merced graduate students. Find the Council for Graduaate Student Affairs roster here

The council meets monthly and on an ad-hoc basis. Council meetings are hosted by the director for Graduate Student Services.

Objectives are to:

  • Provide a supportive forum for administrators to meet, network, and share ideas;
  • Promote across-campus information and resource sharing;
  • Improve communication, coordination and information sharing between the schools, administration and student affairs;
  • Improve the quality of services in efforts to better support graduate students; and
  • Identify issues that matter to graduate students and administration

Council for Graduate Student Affairs outcomes:

  • Graduate and Resource Orientation Week (2009)
  • OIA and School collaboration/coordination and then inclusion in GROW (2009-10)
  • CAPS – outreach project to graduate students (2011-12)
  • Registrar process for independent study courses (2011-12)
  • Graduate Student Appreciation Week (2012)
  • Inclusion of Payroll in GROW (2013)
  • Castle Networking Series (2013)
  • TAPS services - incoming graduate students (2013)
  • Graduate Student Professional Advancement Initative - new 2014 program
  • Staff-led initiatives - new 2015 program