GSA Leadership Series

Graduate Student Services and the Graduate Student Association Partnership

The UC Merced Graduate Student Association (GSA) is dedicated to serving the needs of the graduate and professional student population and is the official student government of the graduate student population at UC Merced. Among thier many roles, they advocate on behalf of the graduate student population, organize graduate student representation among various campus committees, encourage graduate student life and organize a small travel reimbursement award for graduate student presenters.

From 2009, GSS has partnered with the GSA to create student-focused initiatives. The director for GSS served as advisor to the GSA from 2008 to 2015.  In addition, GSS has served this student government with coordinator and administrative support as has partnered with each student body to create the below listed initiatives. 

Current Ongoing Initiatives

  1. Networking and community building
    1. GSA Ice Cream and Coffee Social - Summer
    2. GSA’s Welcome Back with Hot Chocolate and Snacks – Spring
  1. GSA Leadership Program
    1. GSA Committee Rally / Ice Cream Social - Fall
    2. GSA Committee Training – Fall
    3. GSA Fall Open Meeting - Fall
    4. GSA Committee Recognition Lunch – Spring
    5. GSA Open Meeting – Spring
    6. GSA Spring Elections


The GSA Ongoing Initiatives

GSA and graduate student leadership workshop series - to be defined in Fall 2015