Principles for Best Practice and Knowledge Partners

GSS's best practices for improving the student experience, academic success and retention of graduate students include:

  • Partnering with academic units to create programs and services to enhance graduate students' educational experiences;
  • Engaging in collaborative efforts with faculty members, administrators and students;
  • Preparing the next generation of faculty members and creating co-curricular services that support graduate school as socialization to academic careers;
  • Preparing and developing programs to train graduate students as professionals in academe and industry;
  • Creating career services tailored to graduate students' needs;
  • Engaging and connecting graduate students to the larger campus community;
  • Providing services that help alleviate challenges and issues of work-life balance for nontraditional students;
  • Creating academic and psychosocial support services;
  • Creating graduate student opportunities to build community and engagement while providing necessary services to improve graduate education; and
  • Assessing students’ needs and experiences

Partnering with students, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs to create programs and services is critical. GSS partners with: